3D Printing & Plating Service

Our printer is currently offline!
We are repairing it now, sorry for the inconvenience. 
If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.


One of our main interests, after plating of course, is 3D printing. We offer a printing and plating service which we take a 3D model, either one you have supplied or one we have designed, and electroform it and finish it in whichever material or finish you desire.

As our printing and plating service is in it's infancy, we have one printer; the Prusa i3 Mk2S.  It is the printer you can see below. It is a fusion deposition printer, or FDM for short, meaning that is it drives filament though a heated nozzle to draw out the shape of an object, layer by layer.  

At the minute, we only print in using PLA plastic (polylactic acid plastic), as it is easy to print with, gives great results and is a more sustainable plastic. We are happy to use different plastics depending upon your needs. 

Not sure what to print? Take a look at our Gallery to see a few of the printed and plated parts we have made. We also put them on our Facebook page. Make sure you give us a like and follow for the latest content! There are lots of 3d file databases online, check out a few of them below.


Once you know what to print, get in touch with, head on over to our 3D Hubs page, or click on the button below!