Our Zinc Plating Kits are ideal for DIY enthusiasts, car and motorbike restorers who are looking to finish their items with a zinc coating that has excellent corrosion resistance. This type of kit is usually used on steel parts, nuts and bolts and can also be used on various other metals including iron, brass and copper.

Most of the kit options includes two cleaning chemicals, our own Alkaline Cleaner formulation and an Acid Pickle. The GP1 Alkaline Cleaner can be used two ways: as a soak cleaner or an electrolytic cleaner. Using it as a soak cleaner, you would submerse your part in the solution to remove soils such as grease, oils and rust preventatives. If using it as an electro cleaner, it can be used to remove rust. Guides on how to do both are included in the kit. The acid pickle is also a cleaner but is vital to preparing the metal before plating. Submersing your item in the acid pickle removes some soils but more importantly slightly etches the surface, removing any oxides, giving a pristine surface ready for plating.

Within the kit are two important post-plating chemicals known as passivates. The clear/blue passivate can give two different finishes, bright silver and blue. The bright silver finish is done immediately after plating and requires short exposure. The second is the blue sheen finish which is achieved by allowing the plated parts to stay in the passivate a bit longer before rinsing and drying. The Yellow/Gold passivate will give a gold or yellow finish when used in a similar way to the Clear/Blue passivate. Both types of passivate give outstanding protection against corrosion.

We have various variations of our Zinc Plating Kits, check out the table to decide the version for you. If you are after something different or bespoke, get in touch!

We pride ourselves on our customer service and we offer full backup with this kit including a telephone technical helpline, email backup for questions or queries and a range of replacement chemicals and anodes.

This kit contains chemicals that are classed as hazardous, so please check out over the safety data sheets and contact us if you have any questions. As the chemicals are hazardous, we use a specialist courier that can carry parcels that are labelled as LQ (limited quantity [hazardous]). Buyers from outside the UK should contact us as we are unfortunately unable to send to some countries.

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Zinc Plating Kit

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