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These replacement chemicals will make up a bright nickel electrolyte when mixed with deionised water.


Mixing and usage instructions are included.

Bright Nickel Plating Chemicals

PriceFrom £41.00
  • This kit contains chemicals that are classed as hazardous, so please check out over the safety data sheets and contact us if you have any questions. As the chemicals are hazardous, we use a specialist courier that is able to carry parcels that are labelled as LQ (limited quantity [hazardous]). Buyers from outside the UK should contact us as we are unfortunately unable to send to some countries. For estimated shipping costs and more information, head over to our Policies page.
  • Bright nickel gives a very bright and hard finish on various metals including steel, iron, brass, copper.  When plated onto polished surface the finish is not dissimilar in appearance to chrome but with a slight yellow tint. As with most types of plating the best results are obtained by plating onto a very shiny base metal.

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