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This digital probe thermometer is a very useful measurement tool used to find the temperature of your electrolyte, cleaner, activator, passivate solutions etc.

Digital Thermometer

  • Features: 1. Working Voltage: 1.5V (included)

    2. Temperature Resolution: 0.10/ °F

    3. Accuracy: 0.0°C to +80°C ( ± 1°C or 2°F) , other range ( ±5°C - 10°C or 10°F - 20°F)

    4. Measuring Frequency: 1 Sec, 10 sec, sleep, auto select On/off, °C± and hold buttons

    5. Powered by 1 x AG13 battery



    1. Measuring Range: -50°C ? + 300°C ( -58°F? +572°F)

    2. °C and °F display selectable

    3. Low battery sensation and display

    4. Memory of last measure

    5. 15 minutes auto shutdown for power saving (option) Package Includes: 1 x Digital thermometer

  • If you need any additional information or safety data sheet please get in touch! We are more than happy to help.
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