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Our GP1 Heavy Duty Alkaline Cleaner is a balanced alkaline cleaning solution that can be used to clean mostly ferrous metals but at lower concentrations it can also be used to clean some non ferrous metals. The GP1 Light Duty (Inhibited) Alkaline Cleaner can be used on most metals but is especially good at cleaning soft metals such as aluminium, white metal alloys such as MAZAK, brass, bronze, copper and tin.

A 500g bag of GP1 Alkaline Cleaner will make between 10 litres and 20 litres of cleaning solution.

GP1 Alkaline Cleaner

  • The cleaners can be used in 2 different ways: 1. Soak Cleaner: the item to be cleaned; Steel, zinc, copper, iron, aluminium and alloys of all - is immersed in the cleaning solution 2. Electrocleaner: similar to the electrolytic cleaning kit, this cleaner can be used as the solution to perform electrocleaning to remove heavy soils. Instructions on use and cleaning procedure are supplied with the cleaners.

  • This kit contains chemicals that are classed as hazardous, so please check out over the safety data sheets and contact us if you have any questions. As the chemicals are hazardous, we use a specialist courier that is able to carry parcels that are labelled as LQ (limited quantity [hazardous]). Buyers from outside the UK should contact us as we are unfortunately unable to send to some countries. For estimated shipping costs and more information, head over to our Policies page.
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