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Slight Website Problem! We have a small problem with the website, any emails sent to us since midnight last night have not been received! If you want to get in contact with us urgently either call 01283 763502 or email 19/01/2018 View
10th October 2017 Check out one of our latest prints! Printed on our Prusa i3 Mk2S in Silver PLA at 150 microns. This space explorer planter was remixed by Chaolinx and was orignally designed by emancarrillo. You can find the link to download the model here: Alternatively, if you would like to have one printed for you, check out our 3D Hubs page: 10/10/2017 View
We have a new website! We have a few big plans for the future and so thought it was time for a freshen up of our site‚ making things easier and look better for you. The website was designed and built by WebCreationUK. We think they have done a great job! 05/10/2017 View
28thSeptember 2017 We will be wandering around the TCT show at the NEC in Birmingham‚ checking out (and drooling over) some of the latest tech and innovations in 3d printing. Are you attending the show too and fancy meeting up? Let us know! Check out the show here – 05/10/2017 View
11th July 2017 We have uploaded all of our saftey data sheets on the website. Head on over to the Health &Saftey page to download them. 05/10/2017 View
23rd May 2017 We have a new 3D Printer!
Starting‚ as most things usually do‚ as a hobby‚ 3d printing (or additive manufacturing) is an industry that we have gained quite a bit of experience in over the past few years. We have decided to apply that experience and open a small service bureau offering 3d printed and electroplated parts.
The printer we have decided to invest in is the Original Prusa i3 MK2‚ a fusion deposition modelling (FDM) printer that creates parts by melting and extruding various types of plastic.
If you would like to order a print or find out some more information‚ send us an email or click the button below.
05/10/2017 View
29th April 2017 Spent the morning with Don Brasiby‚ an artist and printmaker looking to further his knowledge in electroforming. Check out his website
Please see our facebook page for some more pictures of electroformed items and patinas.
05/10/2017 View
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