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We are a small‚ family run company with a passion for electroplating‚ electroforming, metal finishing and providing a great service‚ not only to our own customers but anyone who needs help or advice.


Gateros Plating started‚ as most things do‚ as a hobby. We have been restoring motorbikes for a long time‚ during our restorations‚ most of our metal parts had been sent to industrial platers. We found that there was a large gap between the price of the service and the quality of finished part we received. This is because‚ unfortunately‚ our parts were one of thousands rushed through a large‚ busy‚ impersonal company. After some research and testing we put together our first electroplating system. The results were great and the price was low! Having excess chemicals and the ease of plating at home lead us to the idea of supplying kits to everyone else. We have grown along with our company and feel we can supply not only comprehensive kits that give excellent results but quality advice too.


Our kits and products are based on the same principles and chemicals as industrial plating systems. We are therefore confident that‚ if you follow the instructions with care and attention‚ the results from our kits will be of a very high standard. Our tank plating kits are ideal for almost all objects and can give a wide range of finishes. They are capable of plating onto various metals including steel, iron, brass, copper and more. If you would like to plate onto aluminium and it’s alloys, check out the GP Allyseal Zincate for further information.

There are two sides to electroplating‚ the scientific side and the practical side. Both can seem overwhelming and complicated if you are not familiar with the concepts‚ processes and if you are completely new to covering things with shiny metal. That is why we have decided to start offering electroplating lessons. They will cover the breadth of knowledge needed to get you plating confidently and effectively. We will start with a little about the fundamental scientific basics of plating followed by a complete practical overview of the process‚ covering the importance of cleaning‚ setting up your tank and things to watch out for‚ mixing chemicals and wiring the electronics‚ the plating process‚ and finally what to do afterwards.

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