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Agitation is incredibly important in the plating process. It helps to maintain even grain size, brightener movement and also aid in the deposition of coatings with a uniform thickness. For the best overall quality of plated parts, it is essential to use agitation.

This air pump is an ideal source of agitation within the plating tank, especially for nickel and replica chrome electrolytes. If used for zinc or zinc/nickle then you will need to use some of our zylite anti foaming agent which is available from the replacement items page.


Alternatively when zinc or zinc/nickel alloy plating you can use one of our circulation filter/pump units.


This pump has an output of 3.5 litres per minute. This air pump has a dual output and comes with 2 meters of flexible air piping and is able to run two air stones or one air stone and a filter. When the air stones are placed under the object to be plated they provide great agitation.


It is ideal for small to medium plating tanks up to a capacity of 30 litres.

Air Agitation Pump

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