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Our Anodising Kits are ideal for DIY enthusiasts, car and motorbike restorers who are looking to restore or dye their aluminium parts. The principle behind anodising is the formation and expansion of a surface oxide layer when the part is made the anode in an electrochemical cell. This oxide surface gives excellent corrosion protection when sealed and has the added benefit of being porous, meaning that dyes, paints and glues can be applied with ease.

Aluminium Anodising Kit

PriceFrom £59.99
    • Chemicals: Anodising electrolyte chemicals 5L, Anodise Stripper & Etch,
    • Electrical Connector: lead cathodes, aluminium wire, copper wire, blue and brown wire, crocodile clips
    • Accessories: guide, 5L tanks, gloves, goggles
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