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One of the hardest jobs when restoring cars, bikes, engines or any old machinery is the process of removing many layers of paint and rust as well as freeing up seized bolts and pistons. This kit will give you the ability to easily strip paint, rust, grease and dirt from your part without the need for sandblasting, sanding, using an abrasive wheel, heat cleaning. Electro cleaning can save a lot of time and money. This type of cleaning is non-abrasive. The applied electric current promotes the formation of hydrogen or oxygen microbubbles, depending on the polarity, on the surface of the part which expand and rise to force off the soils,oxides, paint etc from the surface. Most types of metal can be cleaned in this way. The process is relatively slow but can be speeded up by periodic current reversal. When use cathodically it is a very safe way to de rust items.

Electrolytic Cleaning Kit

  • 600g of Electro cleaning Chemicals - 5.5L Tank - Steel Anodes - Copper Wire - Crocodile Clips - Gloves and Goggles

  • If you need any additional information or safety data sheet please get in touch! We are more than happy to help.
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