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Our Silver Conductive Electroforming Paint is our best conductive paint so far. It is incredibly conductive and has a very small particle size, giving an excellent smooth and shiny finish in a fraction of the time.

Instructions are included.

Silver Conductive Paint

PriceFrom £26.00
  • When electroforming, you will be able to see copper being deposited onto silver paint in 2 - 5 minutes rather 15 - 60 minutes you would get with the others. The paint is expensive because of the high silver content but because it is so conductive, a small amount goes a long way. Because it is so conductive you can use a very thin layer, this means that you can keep really fine detail on the item being electroformed. Due to its price, using an air brush to apply the silver paint can lead to unwanted waste of paint. This paint can be used with our electroforming kit but, due to its super high conductivity, can be used with other tank plating kits and brush plating kits. Apply it to any non-conductive object to make it conductive ready for plating.

  • If you need any additional information or safety data sheet please get in touch! We are more than happy to help.
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